So close! Last shift!

Well the excitement is building and building still. We are scrambling to get all our food in our boxes (and by we I mean Amy). I am out at work on my last shift. I shaved my warm beard and half my head thinking that it was going to be warm out here, man was I ever wrong. We got a foot and a half of snow yesterday! I am beyond ready for the desert heat! Last weekend my buddy Mystic Dragon (Benny) came to visit us from Salt Lake City. It was so great to spend some time with a missed friend. We met in Utah wen I was working for RedCliff Ascent. We also got to celebrate my best friend Brett getting engaged to our great friend and roommate Aniana, what a party! So many great moments of joy and celebration lately! I can't wait for this last shift to be over! More updates about food and parties later. Testing out the mobile blogging thing. Cheers!

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