Food and Spirits!

Food! The most time consuming part of our  PCT preparations...

Our goals for the food we consume:
* Support local  and /or sustainable businesses.

* Eat well balanced meals including fruits and vegetables daily, and consume enough calories (4,000-6,000 calories/day!!!)

* Gather products from conscious companies that have environmentally friendly practices

* Prepare wholesome, dehydrated dinners and breakfasts for re-supply boxes 


It wasnt as easy as we thought it was going to be to stick to our healthy food. When we would pick up our boxes and divide up our food, we were always so grateful that we had made dehydrated food but we needed more!!! Our appetites were much bigger than we anticipated so by half way we were having to buy food from whatever store was close in the tiny towns we would stop in.

Fresh picked huckleberries in our oatmeal!

Our preparation:

We started this process by organizing our re-supply stops and figuring out how many meals we need between each stop. We chose to do 20 re-supply boxes and just shop in the towns that we won't be picking up a box in. Re-supply boxes are a lot of work but there are some benefits such as : being able to eat home made delicious, nutritious foods, meals being light weigh because they are dehydrated and vacuum sealed, and not having to shop in towns.

Our breakfasts include: organic steel cut oats, dehydrated quinoa,  chia  seeds, ground flax, sprouted ground  dehydrated nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans),  freeze dried fruit, organic powdered butter, powdered coconut milk, brown sugar, amazing grass green food powder. 

We made a big variety of dinners in hopes we don't get sick of what we made. We have grain/legume bases and then spices or sauces that we dehydrated for them.

We believe a healthy spirit is just as important and a healthy body so we asked some local distilleries if they would hook us up with some free whiskey for the trail. Bend Distilling and Eastside Distilling came through with whiskey and gin! Now we have plenty to share with all our new friends while we celebrate our way from Mexico to Canada. We plan to celebrate all our successes on the trail and what better way to do that than with the nectar of the wilderness!


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