WE MADE IT TO CANADA!! 4/18-9/17

Northern Terminus

2,668 miles

152 days

3 bears

1 mountain lion

6 rattle snakes

millions of mice... that would eat our food at night, ONLY in Washington!!!

4 pairs of shoes for Amy              3 pairs of shoes for Seth

2 holes in Seth's airmattress

4 worn down trekking pole ends 

1 rip in Seth's backpack

4 pairs of contacts- Amy

2 times running into a tree- Amy

~ 12 rolled ankles for Seth

4 bee stings- Seth              3 bee stings- Amy

~4 breakdowns- Amy

2 wounds that left scars- Amy

20 resupply boxes

500 granola/protein bars

152 cups of coffee each

~100 chocolate bars

~100 king size candy bars (Snickers and Milkyway were our favorites)

112 homemade oat mix/super breakfasts.so sick of it by the end, so we'd add hot chocolate to it)

countless amazing memories

endless wandering thoughts

many new friends

a million smiles

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  1. Hey Amy, it's Tara/T-Fox!! We started on the same day. I am so happy for you guys that you made it to Canada!! Woo-hoo! Congrats on your engagement and obviously on such an amazing physical feat. Feels good doesn't it?! WE ARE THRU-HIKERS!!