PCT 2014... here we come!



We have spent countless hours researching gear and planning our meals, we CANNOT wait to get on the trail. Although, we have a lot more work to do... 

As we narrow down our gear selections and plan our food and re-supply points on a giant white board, I am realizing that hiking the PCT is a bit more complex than I expected. Seth has worked very hard to figure out our potential re-supply spots. These will probably change a bit when we get going but its nice to have a plan right now.

Our next steps are:

- Finish purchasing our 'big three' (tent, pack and sleeping bag) and test them out
- Buy our food that we need to dehydrate
- Dehydrate said food
- Pack our packs and take em' for a spin
- Apply for our permits
- Get maps and separate into appropriate sections
- Get a couple guide books

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