About Seth & Amy

"So I am takin' off my wristwatch to let the time move how I please, to let my day be guided by the sunlight through morning's mill and twilight's soft release.So if you wanna get to know me follow my smile down into its curves.All these lines are born in sorrows and pleasures and every man ends up with the face that he deserves."-Dawes

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About Seth & Amy: 

We have been together for 7 years and our relationship has been an amazing adventure! 
We're trying to support each others individual and career goals while also keeping our relationship a priority, it's been full of wonderful time together but also tricky long distance... We're definitely looking forward to our time together on the trail!!

winter stroll in snowy Boulder, CO, Jan. 2013

About Seth:  

I have spent a large part of my life exploring the wilderness both of the earth and of my mind. I strive to find meaning and make sense of my existence and I have found that my deepest understanding of the universe and of myself comes to me while in the wilderness. I was raised to appreciate wilderness and have been adventuring in Idaho's backcountry since I was a young boy. I grew up back packing, rafting, climbing, trail running, mountain biking, and skiing. My parents gave me an incredible opportunity to understand myself better and change some unhealthy habits in my life when I was younger. I went to Wilderness Therapy when I was 15 and that experience has since shaped and influenced the direction of my path. My Dad, who is a lawyer for the Department of Environmental Quality, instilled a passion for backcountry pursuits in me and my siblings at a young age by taking us back packing regularly and encouraging us in various alternative active lifestyles.

 Both of my parents have encouraged me in leading a healthy, active lifestyle and have always supported my interests and pursuits throughout my life. My Mom, who is a grade school teacher, has always been a wonderful listener and incredible support in my life. Two of the greatest things my Mom ever told me when I was growing up that have stuck with me in a very profound way all my life is that God is the love shared between people and that a successful life is one that is lived with passion, joy, and serving the world in a positive way. The thing about God was an answer she gave me one night when I was very young and I had asked her what God is. I think the answer was a very spur-of-the-moment thing, but I have never forgotten it.

My Brother and Sister have both pursued environmental science in education and have lead very blessed lives living in small mountain towns throughout the West. My Sister, Kelly, got the opportunity to live in Morocco while volunteering for the Peace Corps for two and a half years and my Brother, Zach, has guided on the Animas River in Colorado and explored some incredible wilderness. I continue to be inspired by both my Brother and Sister every day for the awesome lives they lead. I have so much love, gratitude, and respect for each one of my family members for the lives they lead and the support they have shown me over the years. 

The majority of my jobs have had something to do with the outdoors. One of my first jobs was a climbing wall instructor at the YMCA where I learned how to climb and competed throughout the West on a climbing team. I have also worked on a trail crew in the City of Rocks, guided on the Salmon River out of Riggins Idaho, guided college trips and solo trips, taught backcountry skills in a backcountry setting and a classroom setting, and I am now working in Wilderness therapy as a Field Guide. I got a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education at Mt. Hood Community College, which while we are on the topic, NEVER go to that school or support it in any way! I have lots of technical certifications and have lots of experience leading groups in the backcountry in various activities. 

Beyond my love for the wilderness I have an extreme passion for music and celebrating life through song and dance. I have been going to live music since I was a kid with my first concert being Blink 182! My music interests have since matured, thankfully, and I have gone on to explore many of the genres of music throughout the world. I started going to music festivals in high school with Sasquatch being my first and High Sierra Music Festival ultimately becoming my favorite.  At High Sierra, Burning Man, and time spent in the wilderness contemplating my existence, I discovered a lot about truly appreciating music, including the community surrounding it's celebration, and a wealth of discoveries about the workings of the eternal universe inside myself. I have fallen in love with the beautiful community that makes up the festival scene. I have discovered and celebrated many things about our existence and had many personal revelations while dancing and joyously screaming at music festivals. Phish is obviously my number one musical passion right now and will always be because of there permanent standing as The Best Band of the Universe.....its factual science here people. 

I am always practicing a balance of musical adventures, wilderness adventures, and spiritual adventures in my life. Every day I release my attachment to how I think it ought to be, surrender to the infinite, beautiful moment, and practice gratitude, I find myself living the perfect balance of my passions in life. My partner, Amy, has become the companion that I balance life with and has shown me love like I have never known before. I am eternally grateful for this moment that I get to share my passions and my life with Amy and all the amazing people in it. I am grateful, I am so provided for, I am capable, I am POWERFUL!  

Eating chocolate and drinking wine in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Aug. 2013

About Amy:

I've always appreciated the beauty of the outdoors but it wasn't until my later teenage years that I really desired to be immersed in the wilderness, now the desire is alive and goin' wild! I grew up in Boise, Idaho with the beautiful foothills right outside my front door. Many childhood memories were made exploring 'the mesa', climb rocks in my yard, and searching for owl pellets around the caves that over look my house. While growing up, I played almost every sport that my schools offered and I was always searching for the next thing to keep me active and social. My parents have always given me the freedom to fully explore my surroundings and interests. I thank them for always supporting me in my next grand adventure... they're even supporting me hiking the PCT! (They're the best)

After high school in Boise, I moved to San Francisco to go to school at USF. The year I spent there was one of the best. I made amazing friends and fell in love with the city. Unfortunately, I didnt fall in love with the school, so I transferred to Portland to follow my heart and pursue a degree in Public Health. I studied abroad in New Zealand and that sparked my adventurous side and has left me longing to travel the world.
I have always been interested in health and as I got older I realized that it's a passion of mine to educate others about their health and how their daily choices impact them. I graduated with a B.S. in Community Health Education with an emphasis in Nutrition.  I've been working at an alternative health care wellness studio for a few years and love it! I also nanny, and I'm so sad to be leaving the kids I work with. My next step after PSU was my Doula training. I've fallen in love with being a doula and hope to start my own doula/nutrition business! 
My passion for wellness, nutrition and maternal health keeps blossoming! 

My mom has always told me that she lives vicariously through her kids and that I should do these adventures while I'm young. She is the MOST selfless person I have ever met. While she's the best mom with amazing guidance, she's also my best friend that has taught me to follow my dreams, take risks and work hard. My dad never ceases to provide entertainment in my life with his sense of humor and friendly personality. He always reminds me of how proud he is of the adventures I'm taking. Having such great, supportive parents makes it so much easier to live a life that I want. 

I have two older brothers and an older sister who are my biggest inspirations. They have been some of my biggest motivators, telling me to reach for nothing less than my best. I've looked up to Melissa my whole life as she is the 'cool big sister'. She is such a hard worker and has taught me that you can over come any obstacle with hard work and everything will be ok.  We were 'partners in crime' growing up and had endless crazy shenanigans. Both Justin and Jeremy were in the Army and would try and toughen me up by making me train with them when they would come home. They would do things like load a backpack with some bricks and have me hike with them in the foothills all day. There's 13 years between me and Justin and 11 with Jeremy. Justin's always reminding me stay safe and keep my career in mind, which is really grounding when my mind starts to wonder to my next step. (Justin and his wife, Sara, are having a baby while I'm on the PCT!!) Jeremy and I are very similar, especially with our desire to be adventurous and be a little wild... He motivates me to make plans for my future while also staying present and taking advantage of fun opportunities that come up. 

Hiking the PCT is definitely pushing me beyond my comfort zone... and that's what I'm excited for!! After being more exposed to hiking and backpacking a few years ago, I fell in love with it. Seth has been such an amazing, positive influence in my life. He's cheered me on through difficult hikes, talked me through hard climbs, and loved me every step of the way! I first heard of thru-hiking the PCT when Seth mentioned it shortly after we started dating. I was intrigued by the idea of such a huge journey but also greatly intimidated. Well, over the years, the idea became more and more appealing and I found myself day dreaming about it often. After a series of events, it became clear to me that right now is the RIGHT time! So, here I go... I'm looking forward to waking up with sun, soaking in all of the epic views and pushing myself in ways I've never done before. 

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