Gratitude for...

Thank you friends, family and new friends from these awesome companies! 

Your support is so wonderful. You're all fueling this adventure in different, valuable ways!

We LOVE Salazon Chocolate, and surely you'll love it too! We bought one of their new sea salt and caramel bars the other day and we were in heaven! It was an unbelievable balance of salty and sweet and gooey caramel... you just have to try it!

We are excited to have Salazon chocolate to fuel our journey and satisfy our sweet cravings on the trail. Not only does their chocolate rule (its organic and uses Rainforest Alliance- certified beans), the company is partners with the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, how perfect!!


Doctor Kracker's snacks are mini powerhouses! They are packed with seeds and whole grains and taste amazing.  They say it best, "With Dr. Kracker you get the rich, toasty taste of organically grown whole grains and whole seeds as well as an abundance of plant-based protein, heart healthy fiber and essential micronutrients."  These are going to be amazing for snacking on the trail!


Thank you Gen for hooking us up with a great tent. We are so excited to call this thing our home for the next 5 months!! Check 'em out here! 


Have you ever tried Tracy's Small Batch granola?!?! If not, you really should, for so many reasons. The granola is delicious but the company is also so amazing and generous. They give 100% of their proceeds to Urban Gleaners... yes, 100%! AND! they are also donating some granola to Seth and me (trust me, we will have enough to share with our fellow hikers!) Check them out here!  and check out Urban Gleaners here! 
In Portland, 100% of the profits from Tracy’s Small~Batch Granola go directly to fund the work of our non-profit partner, Urban Gleaners*. Urban Gleaners is a small, Portland-based organization that picks up edible, surplus food from grocery stores, farmers markets, farms, restaurants, and event sites and delivers it to local agencies that feed the hungry. We also deliver large quantities of food to ten elementary schools through our Food to Schools Program, where between 70-90% of families are living below the poverty line. Hunger is less a problem of scarce resources but inefficient distribution. The concept of picking up and redistributing food is a simple yet powerful weapon in the fight against hunger.


                           No Additives. No Preservatives. No MSG. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No Fillers. No Red Dye #3 in our casings (nearly all traditional sticks use Red #3 — yuck!)."

It's hard to find healthy, humanely raised meat sticks that are good for hiking, but luckily Nick's Sticks came to the rescue!! These things are so delicious and not full of nasty fillers like most meat sticks are. Going on some hikes this summer and need some meaty protein? Get some of these! Thanks Nick!!


These bars are so delicious and fresh! You can really taste each individual ingredient they are made of since they use REAL, simple ingredients! We are so happy to have these on our journey.
Check them out here and follow them on Facebook too!

A few reasons to try Perfect Foods Bars:
1. They taste amazing! PERIOD.
2. Over 20 nutrient dense organic whole foods
3. Simple ingredients. Real food.


Do you love fudge? Try Portland's Honey Mama's, cacao- honey raw foods dessert!! This fudge is packed with nutrients and amazing flavors that just melt in your mouth. We came across Honey Mama's at the Portland Farmers Market and Christy and her team soon became our favorites to visit. All of the flavors are wonderful but we decided on spicy and dutch for the trail. 

Meat, meat, meat!! The jerky we received from Mahogany Smoked Meats is unbelievable! We won't be eating too much meat on the trail, so we are super grateful for the cowboy jerky that will keep us going and give us some animal protein!

Try Fruit Bliss snacks; healthy, sun dried fruit!

Detour Bars are full of protein! We really like 
their SMART bars that are made with gluten free 
organic oats, have 10g of protein and they are 

These bars are unlike any other oats bars we've 
had! Super moist and delicious, check out 
Bobo's Oat bars!

We LOVE that Skout bars are locally made 
herein Portland with organic ingredients! They 
are all natural, vegan and have no refined sugar 
yet they provide a lot of energy at ~200 cal /bar! 

Thank You Bend Distilling!
We got hooked up with a couple bottles of gin and whiskey from our friends down at Bend Distilling. They have a beautiful tasting room between Bend and Sisters. Check it out some time if you are in the area.

Thank You So Much Eastside Distilling! 
Eastside distilling hooked us up huge with a case of whiskey. Be sure to try some of their wonderful spirits and visit their tasting room on distillery row in Portland. 


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