Love From the Road

            It has been so incredible to experience all the encouragement from so many people . Our friends and family have been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout our planning and we appreciate that so much, but what was surprising was all of the excitement and encouragement we have received from strangers since we left Portland. 
              Everywhere we go with our packs people take interest and ask us questions about what we are doing. Once we tell people we are hiking to Canada via the PCT they always get so excited. Through our excitement for our journey they seem to catch the bug. We have had many conversations with people that seem to light up and tell us of some of the journeys they have done themselves. 
          Living out our dreams and living an inspired life seems to be lighting the inspirational fire of others around us, which in turn inspires us even more. It is like a magical blossoming of the communal heart. As we walked down the boardwalk of mission beach in San Diego we were blessed with conversations with many people that are from some of the small hiker towns along the trail. 
              We can't wait to get on the trail and surround ourselves with the PCT community! 

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