Our kick-off party and departure

Wowee!!! We are overwhelmed with the amount of support and love we've been receiving from our friends and family! 

We are on our way to San Diego and the past week has been a blur of excitement and nervousness. Yesterday we ran around town finishing up our errands and making final checks on our to-do lists (I have probably written 200 to-do lists in the last 3 months). Just when I almost had a breakdown from being over-whelmed, my friends were there to make me laugh and make us dinner.  Laughter and yummy food certainly cure all!!


On Saturday we had a kick off party which ended up being a whole weekend celebration. 
Our amazing friends/roommates took us out for brunch at our favorite spot, Sweedeedee, and we savored every bite while thinking about how much we will miss all of the food in Portland for 6 months. 
Seth's work friends from Bend came up and all of our Portland friends came over to celebrate. We started the day with sitting in the sun  and playing a game of sloshball (kickball with a beer in hand at all time). Shortly after, friends showed up at our house, shared delicious food and drinks and enjoyed each other's company around the bon fire.  

Sweedeedee brunch with Brett, Aniana and Camille!

Really, the kick-off party has been going for weeks. My mom came the other weekend and we had the best time doing all sorts of things around Portland!

(Pittock mansion)
(Tulip festival)


  1. Kind of off topic but I LOVE YOUR BOOTS! (the ones with the skirt). Brand please!

    Have a great hike!

  2. Hi Amy, I'm Abby's mom. Looks like such an incredible experience! I'm so envious. Will really enjoyr reading your blog as you go.