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Done with work!!
            I am done with my last shift at work in the Oregon desert! Now all that's left is to CELEBRATE! I am going to miss working with all my amazing friends at Second Nature Cascades; Second Nature employs some of the most incredible, supportive people with the biggest hearts I could imagine. I love all of my Wilderness Therapy family and I hope to see you all over the summer or in the fall! I am so grateful to have a job where most of the time I am excited to go to work and I am continuously challenged to not only support others as best I can, but also work on myself in a very profound way every day......and its in the wilderness! Thank You Second Nature for the opportunity for growth and LOVE!

                  Amy and I got the opportunity to go to the premier of the inspiring documentary called #STANDWITHME! If you get the chance to see this film I would recommend it. It is moving, encouraging, empowering, enraging, and beautifully done. Watching this documentary just further justifies all of the money and time we have put into planning this thru-hike as local, organic, and sustainable as was feasible. I only wish that we would have done more now; e.g. less plastic, more fair trade, and more local companies that care for our planet and the people that inhabit it. 
               The premise of the film is of a 9 year old girl, Vivienne (who was at the premiere!) who wanted to take a stand against slavery around the world by selling lemon-aid at a lemon-aid stand. It started as a huge goal of raising $150,000 usd to free 500 child slaves and evolved into a social movement and the creation of a social-progress lemon-aid company. The film also introduces an artist whose art sparked the movement and the founder of Fair-Trade who has connected us directly to the people who grow our coffee and chocolate and given then a fair price for their hard work. The film paints a picture of how the darkness can be transformed into light just by the actions of one little girl and that there is still a very long road that we can all have a part in building if we just take that first step towards a brighter future. 
Watch the trailer here:

              Two of my best friends, Brett and Alex, play in an AMAZING Phish tribute band, SHAFTY! They were very nice and let me write the setlist for my last show that I will be able to attend for the next 6 months. The set was amazing and some of the shafty crew women put together a choreographed dance that we spontaneously broke into during the song Split Open and Melt. 
              They have been playing out a residency at The Goodfoot for the past few months where they play every Wednesday! Their shows are complete with high screaming peaks, chaotic improvisations, heavy laid funk, low soaring bass bombs, heady fractalized space jams, a most fire light show, and an incredibly supportive and loving phan base that gets DOWN every Wednesday in the middle of a work week. My love for Phish is indescribable and I feel so blessed to be friends with these incredible musicians that have the ability to SLAY the music of Phish and get people out to celebrate the world's greatest band with dance and good cheer. Thank you guys so much for an awesome last show, it was one of the best! Let's do FALL TOUR!!!!


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