Hike With Care

Some Thoughts on the Thru-Hiking Community

                I am shocked at how many thru-hikers eat poorly and seem to have little regard towards their impact on the world at large. What we buy and use on the trail has a direct impact on our environment that we cherish and the lives of people all over the world. From the minerals mined for our electronics to the foods we shop for and where we shop for them,  all impact the earth and the lives of others in some way, sometimes a very big way. Unfortunately, the world we live in now is run by money and capitalism, so where we spend our dollar has become our loudest voice and vehicle for social change. 

              I think Amy and I fell short of doing everything we possibly could to make our thru-hike a sustainable adventure with as little impact on the environment as we could. We also could have put more effort into the research of the products we buy to make sure the materials and labor used were from a caring and sustainable place. Though I recognize that we didn't do everything in a sustainable manner, I do think what we have done thus far is important and is making a difference. We can use our money to propel positive actions around the world by buying local, fair trade, organic, and sustainable products. Also looking into the companies that we buy from to see where they source their materials and what their values are. 
              All these things matter so much and I would think that the people who love the wilderness so much that they want to walk through it for 6 moths would want to be a part of this extremely important movement. I am only writing these thoughts as a concern for the greater community and to possibly raise the awareness around what we support with our dollar as we hike the trail. I am in no way trying to pass judgment on anyone for the choices they have made to make their hike possible, I am simply encouraging us all to take an honest look at how we are impacting the world and raise our awareness of how we can make a difference. I love this community of people and I believe we all really care.....Buy right ya'll! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!