Right now is the right time!!

One of my co-workers told me the other day, "There couldn't been any more universal signs that make it clear that right now is the perfect time to do this!"... he is so right.

The other day, Angela from Keen contacted me and said we were chosen to be a part of the #PCTdirtydozen! We will be receiving pairs of socks from Keen along our journey. Then today, I was looking at the PCTA website and noticed that there was an announcement of the dirtydozen and there was one of my favorite pictures with Seth on the page. We feel so fortunate for all of the support we have received.

Things are falling into place perfectly. I still feel like my to-do list keeps growing, but really, we are almost ready to depart! 

Seth went back to work on Tuesday for his LAST shift!! And I've been staying busy with paper work for our fire permits and Canada permits as well as doing stuff for our boxes.

My mom is coming in town today so hopefully this weekend will be relaxing and fun (and I'll put her to work with resupply duties!!!)

What we've been up to:

filling our 20 bags with our food, to prep for boxes. 

Trying out my friend's sleeping bag liner/ dress!

Getting our Salazon chocolate ready

Gettin' fancy for our good friend's engagement party!

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