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              As I walked down the trail the other day, I had a thought about predestined actions. I thought about if destiny were real and if everything on my hike was already determined, when would the moment be that I rolled my ankle, IF I rolled my ankle. I imagined seeing my journey as one continuous image of myself and a little red blinking light indicating the moment I rolled my ankle. 
              Then I brought my attention to the present moment and thought about where my choice was in the matter? I believe in Karma, or the formation of a life path through the influence of  everything at work in the universe. Or, a life path that is formed by the influence of both genetics and environment. Karma is actually a difficult concept to sum up in a one-liner.....My understanding of karma is that everything in the universe is connected to everything else, including thoughts and ideas, and by thinking or acting we send ripples out into the universe that have an effect on everything else. The effect of your ripple will most likely be strongest to the things most directly in your life or closest to you. 
              Now with that understanding of karma, I still want control god damn it! Where is my choice? As I mindlessly hike along the trail I realize that my body is going through the motions while my mind is elsewhere, not present with where my feet are stepping. As my body mindlessly goes through the motions I get the feeling that my life's path is being played out for me according to karmic law or a bunch of ripples that I may or may not have started.
              Next, when I brought all of my attention to the present moment and focused on what I was doing, I felt completely in control. Mindlessness is where we fall into a karmic path and mindfulness is where we take over the controls and manifest our own destiny! The choice only exists if we are present for it.  True freedom only exists when we show up with all of our attention in NOW. 
                 Then the thought came up of the things that I don't and will never have control over like the forces of nature. The wind was howling last night to the point of being so stressed by the flying dust everywhere that I was exhausted. Our reality is co-manifested by all of the conciousness in the universe, which really is one continuous eternal force that is beyond seperation or dualism, but to wrap my head around where my choice is I am going to talk in a dualistic context. 
            The karmic ripples that effect me in my life that are out of my control are the ones like weather and what other people do around me. Though those things are out of my control, my reaction to those things are still in my control with enough presence. Our beliefs and our thoughts are what create our reality, or at least our perseption of it. An what more is reality but subjective perception? 
              As I say all of this I also recognize that all truths are but a half truth because for anything to exist, including a concept, it also has to NOT exist in order for the basic law of 'opposite and equal reaction' to apply. The fundamental understanding of eternity means that all things exist, therefore, all truths are true....and NOT true!! Woah. I mean the scientific community agrees that eternity is a real thing right? It's mathematics......
                Wondering thoughts from the trail to be continued........

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