Cleansing, Testing Gear and Sendin' the STOKE!!

          We finally have most of our gear and we got to go take it all for a test drive in forest park and around the neighborhood! We set our shelter up in Peninsula Park which is a few blocks away from our house. We got some strange looks as we walked down the street with our matching packs, coats, and hiking poles looking like we were going on an epic adventure to the park hahah. The tent from YAMA Adventures is wonderful and easy enough to set up. We still need some practice with it to streamline the process and get the best pitch.
          We then packed our packs as close to the real thing as we could and went on a small 5 mile hike in forest park with our good friend Dana. Amy was wondering what we were going to talk about all day, every day together while on the PCT and we all agreed that our daily poops would be a hot topic. We also agreed that there would be plenty of silence and that we are ok with that as well.
           I (Bonsai) have been doing a "no intoxicants cleanse" for the past month (Amy did for most of the month as well) and now I am finishing the month off with a more intensive three day detox cleanse. I bought loots of fresh veggies and fruits to blend into smoothies for my meals for three days. I am also taking some detox supplements to purge my liver and intestines of any gnarly nasty. I am feeling great a day and a half into it. The stoke-o-meter is off the charts at this point. Trying to tie up loose ends and stay present! YIPPIE!
 I found that hat while we were going through all of our shit in our basement and thought I would give it a try again. Don't think it made the cut for my gear list.

                                             What a beautiful home we have! 

   I look like a bit of a giant compared to Amy in that thing...                                                                                              
                                                                                                                  The Queen's new palace.

Too matching?

Love in the trees! 

  Yummy Veggies! Thats all my food for three days. 

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