Cook, dehydrate, measure, pack, vacuum seal... repeat

We have made some serious progress in the last week...

Yummy dinner, lentil tortilla soup!

Seth was home from Tuesday to Monday the 3rd and during that time we got so much done!!! 

*We made all of our breakfast pouches, ALL 105 OF THEM!!
* Almost completed all of our dinner pouches! Seth made homemade pasta sauce that we need to dehydrate along with some meat. Once those are done, we will be able to finish the last few dinners!
* Bought our solar chargers and one extra battery
* Received our sleeping bags (!!!!)
* I bought a new down puffy jacket!
* Bought random things (that sure do add up...) pack towels, food containers, sleeping pad patch kit...

Grain/lentil/pasta base with dehydrated veggies and seasonings... Mostly used Simply Organics seasonings.
Really, the only big things left on our list are:
* Finish dinner pouches
* Receive our tent 
* Buy mosquito nets
* Buy a ground tarp

                                       Bags full of dinner pouches! 

Making beef, chopping it and dehydrating it

We are excited to have all of our gear so we can figure out our base weight. Once again, the PCT class of 2014 Facebook page is making me nervous with the threads that talk about people's base weight being like 8 pounds or something nuts. 

THEN WE ARE DONE!! Or at least we think we are

We must always remember HYOH (HIKE YOUR OWN HIKE) or HOOH (HIKE OUR OWN HIKE)

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