Week 16 the end of California, finally in Oregon!

Week 16

OREGON!! We're in our homeland! 
Running the last eleven miles of California. Slack pack, thanks to Happy Nomad!

Lava fields!

Smoke glow

Slack pack crew

Fire near Siad Valley

PCT hiker party in Ashland!

Hiker trash sleeping on the side of the road....

(more about this week will be published soon!)
8/1- Seiad, 20 miles
8/2- 32 miles day over border

What a glorious day!! Happy Nomad made us pancakes for breakfast and took our packs for the last 11 miles to the California/Oregon border. We ran most of those 11 miles which ruined me, but Glitter Bug had no problems as usual. It felt so good to finally cross a state border, California took forever! There was a big crew of people that got in on the slack pack and we all hung out at the border for a while and celebrated. Loving being back in our home state!

8/3- 13.5 miles to old 99

8/4- zero

Ashland was so much fun! Sydney picked us up from the trail and took us to the house she is staying at. We showered and then went to lunch in downtown ashland. Sydney lives with a very sweet family who owns the farm she is working on. We got a private room at the Ashland Hotel, which is a super cute place run by a very nice couple. I would really like to return to this hostel and go see some plays at the Shakespeare Festival. We went out to dinner with Syd and her roommate, then we all got some beer at Caldera. Caldera eventually turned into a big hiker party as everyone who hitched around the alleged fires met in ashland and came to drink beer. We got to see so many people that we haven't seen for a long time and we celebrated all night. The hiker trash crew shut down Calderas and migrated to a O' Beron's for more drinks and live music. What a night with great people, great gypsy swing music. and a jammy pack street dance party to top it all off. 

8/5- old 99-1758

8/6- 1758 1782

8/7 1782-1812

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