Week 13! Belden, Quincy, and huge miles. miles: 1201-1374


Milage: 30!!!!
Miles: 1201-1231
News: we broke our PR and hiked 30 MILES today! Such a fun day and it feels great to be back on trail. 


Mileage: 31
Miles: 1231-1262

              Broke records again!! Hell of a day! Very hot and very long. Got to the middle fork of the feather river and had us a swim in warm water. The temperature of the water was strange....still refreshing though. Rest of the day (11 miles) was up hill non stop! Beautiful campsite on a cliff called Lookout rock. Super Moonrise during a wonderful susnset. A local couple hiked in and joined usforthe moon show and we chatted for a long time. Thought for a minute that they were goin to stay with us for the night. I recognized the lady in a strange way and she turned out to be one of the nurses that was at the Quincy hospital in 2008.....super weird. Great day, great life!
Super moon rising


Milage: 27
Miles: 1262- 1289

Weather: so hot!!
Goal: get to Belden ASAP!

Waking up on Lookout Rock was amazing. The sunrise was beautiful and the heat motivated us to start hiking right away. We got to Belden and immediately went to the cafe and got cold beers, best beers we've ever had! (Because they were so cold)


Miles: zero.....oops
Mileage: braten trail angel 

              The hitch in the morning was a breeze. We got a ride from three you he guys going in to Quincy to visit their grandma. Nice guys. We got breakfast at the Morning Thunder Cafe, which was delicious. All these year we have been coming to Quincy and we never even new that the thunder cafe existed....good to know! 
              We went to the natural food store to pick up Glitter Bug's shoes that we sent there and they didn't have them yet! We had to do some replanning and gave the store some money to forwar them to the next town wen they showed up. We ended up paying a guy 5 dollars to give us a ride back to Belden. Normally I would just wait for a free hitch, but we were trying to get back on the trail so I thought it was worth it. We decided to lounge by the river with Gauge and Teddy Rose before we hit the trail. The conversation was wonderful and we watched a family of river otters play in the water. As we longed Glityer Bug got a call from the natural food store in Quincy and they said her shoes had just arrived!
              We decided to hitch back for the second time and take the rest of the day off so Glitter Bug would have some comfy feet. A guy named Mike gave us a ride there and back. Turns out Mile was on a joy ride for the day and wanted to drive us both way! Good guy, we invited him to stay with us any time he comes to Portland. We enjoyed lunch with Mike at the store and had great conversations with him on the rides to and from Belden. 
              When we got back to the Braten's Neon, twice, bird. T.R., Gauge, The Fox and The Hound were all hangin out on the porch. Gauge, Glitter Bug and I camped at the rest stop because the rule was that hikers can only stay one night at the Braten's. We found some safety equipment under the bench and had a safety meeting about it all. What a wonderful unintended zero!


Milage: 27
Miles: 1289-1316

Discomforts: My shins were on fire... New shoes?

The morning was all uphill to get out of the valley that Belden is in. We started the day with Sogo, Julia and Gauge. After we reached the top of the hill it was a nice and easy day for the most part. 
We ran into Chef and Jerrycan right before we got to camp and chatted with them for a bit. They are planning to do trail magic there for a bit. 
Robbers spring was our final destination. The sign said it was about .3 mile off trail, it was much further but it had nice camping near it. And!!! There were surprise beers in the spring... Trail magic never gets old. 


Mileage: 28
Miles: 1316- 1344

              Woke up down at robbers spring. Half mile climb back to the trail. Smokey morning....had catastrophic thoughts of a miraculous escape from an encroaching fire. We found out later that the fire that is producing all the smoke is over by Redding. 
              HALFWAY! It feels as if we should be further than halfway...all down hill from here though right? I had a grand idea of a non-profit....we are gonna change the world with our love! Live with integrity love and compassion....all else will manifest according to the unfixed ever changing truth of the infinite moment. 
              Trail magic at highway 36, Capri Suns and other sugary goodies. Good tunes....animal collective. We ended the day at the North fork of the feather river. Saw Mt. Lassen through the smoke for most of the day. What's up with all of the confusion around the different forks of the feather river? Word.


Milage: 29
Miles: 1345-1374

Highlight: Drakesbad resort visit. Cold beers and free cake!
Weather: hot. Hot. Hot!!!

Neon, Boombox and I made our way to Drakesbad which is a peculiar resort in a beautiful valley. Most of the people there were there to stay in the cabins and go on hikes in the area but there was a huge crew of stinky hikers too. The hikers were seperated from the 'other people' of course, but the people that work there are so awesome they even gave me a free piece of cake!

After that nice visit we stepped it up and had such a speedy afternoon through a super hot burn area. We made it to the creek and were so happy to cool off and go to sleep!

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