Week 12! High Sierra Music Festival back to the trail! Miles 1156-1201

At High Sierra!!!
Miles: ya right!
Mileage: nope! Celebrating!!

All warriors represent! 
Remind those who forget
The time is NOW!
To walk in humble pride
Prepare and fortify 
Resist comforts of compromise

Pray for guidance.....

Happy 4th! Let's change the world!! All it takes is love!


Mileage: none
Miles: nope

              Geoff hosted us in King's Beach around north Lake Tahoe area. Love the Tahoe/Truckee area so much. Geoff was a wonderful host and I love his house. The house is a geodesic dome home....funky and comfy. Geoff grilled yummy cheese stuffed burgers, we met and chatted with new friends, and watched a part of pulp fiction before crashing hard. Thank you Geoff for being a wonderful host, can't wait to see you this winter for some shred time in the snow! Love ya buddy! 


Milage: 23
Miles: 1156-1179

Weather: beautiful
News: We're back on trail after a long break...
Interesting place: Peter Grubb hut. A cabin that has turned into a wonderful home for hikers (for a night)

Woah, it's interesting being back on trail. As great as it feels after a long break, it also is super hard to get motivated. We've set some goals so we can meet Boombox's parents in a few weeks so that's helping us stay focused. 

We've been talking a lot about our time at High Sierra and how much we miss our friends already. It was so great to see everyone and catch up but at the same time it was so hectic because there were so many people to see and things to do so time flew by!!


Mileage: 22

              Walked very quickly to Sierra City. 18 miles before lunch? Whatever. Shitty milkshake at the general store. First hiker town in a while for is and it felt good! There were some parents of a thri-hiker at the trailhead doing trail magic. They have us pie ad soda and have us a ride into town! We were in and out of Sierra City in less than 3 hours and had a climb to end the day at a wonderful campsite with great views and a beautiful sunset. The rain came in after we went to bed an it rained on us most of the night. Great night.

 We had a huge box to pick up there and a special box from Dana with lots of goodies!! THANK YOU DANA!!!! There was trail magic right at the trail h

Best card ever, from Dana. 

Hungry hikers stoked on chocolate 

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