Week 17, Crater Lake to Bend!

Whiskey walk with Fun Size and Dr Chip to Crater Lake Rim


Salty Dog with Salazon Chocolate
Ruthie's mom brought us pizza and fireball!!
A love letter from Anna!


Enjoying Tracy's Small Batch Granola! Perfect time to have a lot of this granola with us because we can top it with fresh picked huckleberries and blueberries!! LOVE this granola


Mt Theilsen

Theilsen Creek

Satisfying my cravings!

My mom sent my sister with homemade food for us!!!

Enjoying a soak 

Beer fest hackysack game




Rim village to Theilsen creek. Wonderful dinner with cashew butter. Amy read to me. Tired today. So many tourist on the rim. Smokey view. I love this woman to the moon and back for eternity!!!!

36.5 miles 
Sky view trail


Walked to shelter cove in the morning. The walk was beautiful next to a river in a typical, yet marvelous dense, mossy, Oregon forest full of fresh berries. We are blue berries and huckleberries all morning before we arrived at shelter cove resort. We never knew Oregon had such a strong lake resort culture. Every campground in southern and central Oregon calls itself a resort. 

              We got coffee, muffins, and breakfast burritos at the store and sat around an enormous fire pit with a smoldering fire in it while we enjoyed the beautiful view overlooking the lake and ate our breakfast. Charged up, did some sink laundry in the bathroom, our box didn't show up so we resupplied at the store that had very little.
              Enjoyed the sunshine on the deck, chatted with my bro on the phone and hit the the trail a little late. Made it to charleston lake where we set up camp in the dark.


Got to elk lake resort after a long 30 mile day in the cold wet rain! Soaked to the bone and feeling soggy, we collapsed in DJ's car with elated hearts once we reached the resort. DJ drove up from San Francisco that day and drove 45 minutes out of his way to pick us up and take us to his house. We showered at dj's and prepared to go out for the Tuesday night shenanigans. All of my friends from work were getting off an 8 day shift that night and we were lucky enough to join them. 

              Ate, drank, and rejoiced with lots of wonderful friends at the crux. Went to the Ogden house and ended up taking a flight to the play ground down the street for a late night ultimate game! I love my friends! Thanks you guys for a wonderful night.


BEND! Lazy day. Met Amy's sister and nick and deagan! Great dinner in the hotel and beer at the crux.

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