"Training" in the City!

How do I find time to train for the PCT?! I don't even know where to begin, so I'm making baby steps. I have a pretty healthy fitness level currently but not sure that's enough for what I'm going to endure on the trail... So I'm doing what I can!!

On the "PCT Class of 2014" page on Facebook, some people seem to be doing a lot of training and it's making me nervous... but then the common PCT term HYOH - hike your own hike- pops in my head and I realize every thing is ok!

Portland has had some wacky weather lately. One day will be super windy, cloudy, and rainy and the next will be beautiful and sunny. 

I've been doing lots of yoga lately which will hopefully help prevent tight muscles after our long days. (We are also doing a yoga photo series on the trail, so stay tuned!!)

Seth's family was in town the other weekend, and it happened to be really nasty out the whole time. We did some walking up near Forest Park and one rainy morning, Seth and I went on a run with his brothers dog. Really the dog, Rio, pulled me for 6.5 miles but I felt great... the next day, not so much! Now I'm incorporating more running into my weekly routine. 

The top picture and this amazing picture of the Portland Waterfront was taken on Sunday during a wonderful bike ride with my two amazing friends, Abby and Chelsea. We rode along the waterfront, down to Sellwood and back, about 18 miles or so. Biking is one of my favorite things to do when it's nice out here. There are so many beautiful paths and its a fun way to get a little exercise! 

I nanny a couple times a week so I've been having the kids walk with me. The pictures below were taken about a week ago on a beautiful day that felt like spring. It's nice to be able to walk the kids but really it ends with me carrying two 2 year olds half the way... I guess that's great for strength training. 

It feels so nice to have most of our gear figured out and be almost all done with our food purchasing, now we need to package it.  
I've already started having really weird, anxious dreams about the journey. Apparently last night I woke up and told Seth, "I just bought a blue hat for $10"... I'm obviously way too consumed with our gear purchases that seem endless. :)

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