More "Training"

Lost Coast Adventures!
"Not all who wander are LOST"-J.R.R. Tolkien

My good friend, DJ and I started off in the rugged mountains of the King Range and descended upon the Lost Coast Trail. The grade was steep, the views were spectacular and the silence was loud. Our bones are strong, spirits high, and wits sharp as we make our way back to the source....the expansive pacific ocean.

                 When we reached the beach we decided to walk down to the next drainage to set up camp. We busted a fire using our bow drilling kits and proceeded to spend the rest of the night discussing the infinite. A wood cache was discovered and we built our fire into a giant furnace, throwing each "supporting cast member" on the flames in praise of their outstanding role in our play. "Here's a good piece a stick!" We performed for Sasquatch, watching us from his invisible perch; it was a drama of a giant pulling a small fellow out of his miniature world and stretching him into an expansive existence. Shadow theater. Orion kept watch on us all night as he strolled through his cosmic patrol. Vibratory utterances were expressed in a multitude of frequencies as we tried to agree on our subjective truths. So many beautiful ideas were thrown onto our fire! The ocean's roars, the fire's crack, and stream's trickle were welcomed guests in the conversation. All vibration, all eternity. 
                It was a short trip full of very large lessons. On the hike down to the beach I experienced a lot of pain in my right knee. At first I was very upset that my 26 year old knees were giving me trouble, but then a new approach came to me. Instead of resisting the pain I allowed it to lead me down the trail, the pain became my teacher. I learned that I need to practice more yoga and that pain is a friend trying to show me a better way. I am now even more encouraged to have a regular practice of yoga on the PCT and look forward to walking with an old friend to see what other lessons it has to teach me.

              Other lessons were learned as well, like what our needs truly are as humans. I didn't eat the entire time I was on that trip except for a couple pieces of chocolate. I felt great! It was only a 2 day journey, but we were expending a lot of energy each day. I discovered food to be less of a concern when the spirit is fattened by the meatier frequencies of a raised awareness. We discovered our abilities in shadow theater and our fluency in the tongue of the ocean's roar. So many magical metaphors can be found when we stand on that thin sandy line between ocean and land. Past, future, present; source, sustenance, and flesh, all beautiful tools used to evolve as beings of light. I take this medicine and reflect it back to you!

Wish I took more pictures.........


  1. Is your knee bothering you when you squat? Or only on deep downhill?