Boots asks some questions

We met a man named Boots along the trail. We spent some time together at Walker Pass and he enticed my wandering brain to ponder these questions. Check it out:
What is the defining moment in your life that influences the way you live?
            There are a few big moments in my life that all have a common thread to them. That common thread is losing myself. The times in my life where I truly lose myself to eternity and my conciousness becomes one with the infinite web of existence is what defines my life. 
            The first time something like this happened I was sitting in a juniper tree in the Utah desert as a student at Redcliff Ascent Wilderness Therapy Program. I was 15 and my life had become a dark existence where I believed being drunk or stoned on whatever came my way was the only way I could truly be myself. Being in that tree was a part of a meditation that was assigned as part of our course work for the therapy program. I was on a "solo" at the time where I camped by myself for 3 days. 
            While sitting in that tree and exploring my senses, I lost myself to the wind and upon my return to my body a feeling resided within me that who I am is enough and that happiness is accessible to me in every moment through my choice! HUGE!
            Other similar moments that have helped solidify my understanding of my existence have been through meditation, yoga, traditional ceremonies of many kinds, dancing to love music, and loving Amy. Loving Amy has taught me so much about what love is and how it can define my life. I lose myself everyday to loving her. 
            These moments when I lose myself I always find a deeper realization of my existence. The more of myself I lose the deeper understanding of the universe and my place in it I gain.

What is your favorite activity?
            Pondering the universe. I chose this answer because I get into some of my deepest thoughts of the universe when doing my favorite activities, but what makes the activities so great is the pondering part. I would say my favorite activity to do while pondering though, is either dancing to live music...phish! Or wandering the wilderness. 

What is your favorite place?
            Live phish shows or being in the wilderness!

What makes you content?
            Losing myself in the wilderness or at a phish show and gaining some deeper understanding of the universe upon my return and then pondering that and how it relates directly to my life.

That was fun! Try answering these questions. You can take them as seriously as you want, but it's fun either way!

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