Rant on Ronald

       I hope that none of my friends feel attacked or judged by all of this. These are my feelings and thoughts concerning a fucked up industry. Also, I feel guilt over  MY choice to spend my money at a fast food establishment. This is me mainly processing my own regrets along with shedding some light on the ugliness of some of the companies in our marketplace. I love you all!  Cheers
              Ok, we did it! We committed foodie sin.....we ate at McDonalds! We only ate a McFlurry, but I still feel disgusting. Because of my shame I feel inclined to rant about the fast food industry. If you still partake in the eating of these foul substances, I urge you to stop immediately! 
             I am going to risk sounding like a real asshole in the hopes to inspire someone to think twice about buying their next mcnasty whatever. The pioson that these companies such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, KFC, Wendy's ect try to call food is disgusting! Everything about these enterprises is unhealthy. It's unhealthy for us as individuals, it's unhealthy to our economy, it's unhealthy to our farmers, to the people that work for them, and most importantly, it's unhealthy for our planet. 
              Everything from how the food is grown, where it is grown, how it is processed, and how it is sold is unbeneficial to the world at large. Nothing is localized, all the food is grown by under appreciated and under payed farmers that grow with nasty pesticides and fertilizers. After the food is grown and harvested, it is then transported to a processing plant that is most likely a long drive away from where it is grown. Then it is processed to the point of barely resembling food. After it is turned into a trade marked formula it is then shipped again to all the establishments around the world (that are inevitably shutting down local business that sell the food of the local culture) to be sold at such low prices (but because it is cut with so many super cheap, subsidized fillers it still turns a mighty large profit) that those less fortunate are tricked into thinking that this  is all they can afford. 
              PLEASE! If you can't afford an education, (which is understandable given the current state of our education system) go to your local library and educate yourself on basic nutrition. This shit is literally poison! Try cutting fast food out of your diet for a year and substitute it with whole foods. Try a diet of mostly fresh vegitables, cut your meat intake in half and only eat lean, free range, LOCAL and humanely raised meat. Cut your dairy in half, eat more whole grains and plant proteins! Drink more water. Exercise! 
              I know I might sound like a hipocrite seeing how I said I just ate at McDonalds and that's fine, but do something for yourself and try a diet without this pioson in it. I am blown away at how the thru-hiker community is ok with eating this garbage. Please believe me when I say that I am not judging you if you eat this shit, I'm just trying to get a rant off my chest and hopefully inspire someone out there. I love all my hiker trash friends, it is no reflection of your character if you partake in eating fast food.
              Our loudest voice in this current paradigm is with our dollar. Every time we purchase something at one of these fast food establishments we are saying "I am ok with everything that you do as a company. I am ok with how you treat my planet and it's people." FUCK THAT! 
We can make a difference by making healthy, informed, sustainable choices with where we spend our money. Buy local, eat organic, support small farmers, and if buying imported goods, follow the frog and buy fair trade! This is the path to a healthier planet and healthier people.
              This doesn't end at our food! This spreads to all the products we buy. Be responsible consumers. Research the companies you buy from to see where they source their material and their labor. There is a lot of fucked up things happening around the world surrounding our gizmos and gadgets that we buy. Lots of child slavery and awful compensation for labor. Do the research, buy local whenever possible! 
              I recognize that I am far from perfect in all of these areas, but it starts with the intention and the refining and tuning of our habits. We can make a difference! I would love to hear about more American made ultralight gear that sources their materials sustainably. I'm wearing a Mountain Hardwear hiking shirt right now that very well could have been made by a 12 year old girl in china. Why do we support companies that have these practices? It's cheap sure, but in the long run we pay the price as a global community. We pay the price with the harm we do to our planet and it's inhabitants. I am calling out to all conpanies in the outdoor industry that are creating positive change! I want to know about campanies that are trying to make a difference not just a dollar.
Rant over.....
P.S.......someone called me "the ultimate doucher machine" in response to this post and told me I should end my corporate sponsorship now. I thought I made it clear that I do not think that I am a shining example of what a perfect consumer should be, I am aware of the faults in the system and I am actively trying to change my ways. I am not trying to be on some high horse, just expressi my thoughts on the subject. This is also a spewing of emotions hence why I call it a rant. I'm not sure what corporate sponsorship this person is talking about....keen is giving us some socks, but I am not advertising for them or posting anything about them on our blog, except for this I guess hahaha. Furthermore, being a doucher can be a good thing. I am cleaning out the old ways in my life to create space for clean, healthy growth. Sweet


  1. THANK YOU!!! :)

  2. The world is abundant with drones and sheeple. I'm glad that you realize the first step in your enlightened process to coming down from your high. The unintended consequence, like the monarch butterfly pollinator, will snap you back to the reality in which you will order from the machine and deal with your internal guilt. Be aware of this fact...when you try not to, but definitely harm the planet again.

  3. OMG...You, the ULTIMATE DOUCHING MACHINE!!!. Pls practice what you rant. End your CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP NOW.